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Expand Metal Mesh-Alumnum Wire Mesh--Diamond Architecture Wire Mesh

Expanded Metal Mesh:
2.Thickness 0.5mm-8mm
3.Opening Width 2.5mm-50mm
4.Opening Length 4.5mm-100mm .
5.Strand Width 0.5-8m

Material:Low Carbon Steel Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Aluminium Plate, Galvanized Plate etc.

Characteristics:it is punched to mesh,including:aluminum plate mesh,small steel plate mesh,steel plate mesh and stainless steel plate mesh;according to the hole,it is divided into diamond,square,round,triangle,scale hole,it is strong and wear-resisting,artistic and tasteful.

Usefulness:widely used in road,railway,civil building,water conservancy build;the protecting of all kinds of machines,electrical equipment,window and aquatic products breed.

Packing: Normaly packed by pallet. Custom packing available at request.

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