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Welded Wire Mesh--Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh--PVC Welded Wire MeshMaterial:High quality low carbon steel wire Applications:Welded wire mesh is used in industry, agriculture, building, transportation,..
Crimped Wire Mesh -Stainless Steel Wire Mesh-Iron Wire Mesh Material: Iron wire.Weaving Pattern: Weaving after crimping General Use: Crimped wire mesh is used in screening in mine, coal factory, const..
Material: Quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire.Weaving pattern: Normal twist, reverse twistProcess: Electric galvanizing or hot dipped zinc plating after weaving; galvanized before weav..
安平县路达丝网有限公司提供,厂电:0318--7531262传真:0318--5285262手机:13903282720 QQ:1183546134 公路护栏网 铁路护栏网 飞机场护栏网 小区市政护栏网 体育场护栏网 仓库隔离网 三角型护栏网 双圈型护栏网..
Material: high-intension carbon steel plate and galvanized iron plateCharacteristics: light weight, high bearing capacity, safe and skid-proof, easily fixed and dismantled, economical ,long life and d..
Airport fence meshAirport fence is made with low carbon steel wire welded panel, post, barbed wire or razor wire and other accessories.Uses: Mainly used for barrier and security around the airport and..
Material : stainless steel board, aluminium board, cold-hot steel board, copper board, fibre board, plastic board and other nonmetal boards .Application : perforated mental mesh is widely used for env..
Material: Low carbon steel wire and alloy wireWeaving : It is formed by weaving and welding.Uses: It is used for fence protecting of the highway, railway, airport, residential area, dock port, garden,..
Black Wire Cloth --Metal Wire Cloth--Iron Wire MeshMaterial: Super quality low carbon steel wire.Weaving: Plain or twill woven wire cloth. Can be processed into filter discs of various sizes. : Cut to..
We are one of the professional china manufacturers work at Decorative wire meshes(Architectural wire drapery).The following items are the relative products of the Decorative wire meshes,you can quickl..
Woven patterns applied for stainless steel wire mesh or wire cloth can be plain weave, twill weave, Dutch plain weave or Dutch twill weave, while square woven wire mesh is made by either plain weave o..
聚酯成型网系列 聚酯成型网按编织系列划分,可分为四综单层网、五综单层网、八综单层网、七综双层网、八综双层网、八综两层半网、十六综两层半网等系列。    *四综系列单层网适合抄造文化用纸、印刷用纸、包装用..
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