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Square Wire Mesh-Iron Wire Mesh-Stainless Steel Wire Mesh-Screen Mesh

Square Wire Mesh

Material: Black Wire/Electro Galvanized Wire./Hot Dip Galvanized Wire / Iron Wire

Features: It has fine features of neat & precise, sturdy structure, durable& strongly rust-resistant and fine anti-corrosiveness.

Use: It's widely used in industry, agriculture, building, house fencing, machinery enclosures fence, also used in filtering liquid and gas, sieving grain.

Procedures: Hot dip Gal. before/after Weaving, Electro Gal. before/after Weaving

Products :
Hot-dip galvanized after (before) weaving wire mesh   Electro galvanized after (before) weaving wire mesh   
Crimped square wire mesh

Packing: Wrapped with moister-proof paper, Then covered with Hessian cloth.



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