Fence netting products

Double Circle Fence


1. Material: high quality low-carbon steel wire 4.5--5mm

2. Dip wire via :4.5 - 5mm  50mm X 200mm

3. Mesh: 50mm X 200mm (rectangular hole)  2.4m X 3m

4. Maximum Size: 2.4m X 3m

  Surface treatment: galvanized, plastic coated

  Structure: using low carbon steel wire woven wire mesh welded into the press bending roll into a cylinder shape, you use to connect accessories and steel pipe connected to a fixed backbone.

 Benefits:  High strength, steel is good, looks beautiful, wide field of vision, easy installation, feeling bright, light, practical features, mesh very tight connection with the net post, the overall sense of well; the upper and lower ring volume so that net surface strength increased significantly.

Uses: Used for highway, airport, municipal green spaces, garden flower beds, units green space and port green space of the decorative and protective.  


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